Drive Away Red Trucks

Specialty Vehicle Transportation

Whether you have a package of 50 trucks that need decked, or a single commercial truck, Midwest delivers them all! From Pick Up Trucks, to Box Trucks, Buses And Boom Vehicles. We have over 200+ highly-trained drivers ready and waiting to Drive Away your vehicle to its destination. From local moves to long hauls, we will ensure that your truck gets to where it needs to be, Safely, Damage Free and On Time! Our team is highly qualified and can drive most Commercial Trucks.

Midwest Companies Testimonials

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Driver First

While other companies treat their drivers as numbers, we focus on the people we put behind the wheel. Our Driver First Culture assures our Drive Away truckers have the highest standards of experience and conduct. The driver hauling your truck is always dependable and experienced.

  • No smoking in our client’s vehicles

  • All trash will be removed prior to delivery

  • Any breakdowns in route will be handled with prompt attention to detail and will never be abandoned.

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